Confirmation at High Beach

Posted: 29 September 2013

Sunday 30th September marked the beginning of a new phase in the Christian lives of twenty three people.

It was a great joy to welcome Bishop Stephen to High Beach for a service of baptism, confirmation and Holy Communion.

Three young mums, one heavily pregnant, and one young person were baptised. 

The Bishop then confirmed them along with ten other young people and nine other adults, including a married couple and a mother and daughter.  High Beach Church is, in the words of one of those confirmed: ‘out in the sticks’ and the only neighbours are the ancient trees of Epping Forest. 

However, it attracts a large and growing congregation composed primarily of young families. 

Many of these families have first found a warm welcome when being married and having their young children baptised or attending our church-school services. 

They have found a warm welcome at the Family Service – which really ‘does what it says on the tin’ – and offers expanding networks of friendship as well as weekly worship without too much formality. 

The church is also the base for Revd Gill Hopkins’ work as Epping Forest Chaplain.  As well as going out into the communities that live, work and play in Epping Forest – such as with the High Beach Festival - the church increasingly makes its facilities available for community use. 

A Sunday-only church is rapidly becoming a seven-days-a-week church.  Away-days help us to plan the transformation of a 19th century church building and 20th century church habits into a healthy church for the 21st century. 

We are working to be a Transforming Presence.

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