Bishop Stephen welcomes Bishop Roger and Bishop Peter to episcopal ministry in Chelmsford diocese

Posted: 08 September 2014

Bishops' Peter Hill and Roger Morris were surrounded by their family, friends, colleagues and a large gathering from across the Chelmsford diocese yesterday afternoon, as they were collated and installed in their seats in the Cathedral. During the service, the Bishops' of Barking and Colchester received their pastoral staffs - symbols of their pastoral care of the clergy, and the churches within their episcopal area. It was during his sermon that Bishop Roger, (Bishop of Colchester) alluded to this and drew attention to the fact the Bishops are often talked about as being shepherds being close to the sheep, and that Pope Francis - an inspiration to him - speaks of the importance of the shepherd 'smelling of the sheep'! Bishop Peter, in his sermon highlighted the importance of keeping it 'all about Jesus', taking risks and having fun! At the end of the service, both bishops were presented with a centenary cross by Bishop Stephen who called them to 'wear the cross as a sign of the nature of your ministry to us, a ministry of love'.               

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