Bishop Stephen Cottrell gives Sermon Address at the Consecration of Bishops

St Paul’s Cathedral, 28 September 2015

The Bishop of Chelmsford gives the sermon at the ordination of Bishops Anne Hollinghurst, Ric Thorpe and Ruth Worsley.

Bishop Stephen Cottrell in his sermon speaks of the work and office of a bishop in three ways – messenger, sentinel and pastor.

“And one of the first responsibilities of a bishop is to be an angel, a messenger, an evangelist, the one who endlessly and constantly tells the story of what God has done in Christ”

He speaks about the importance of a sentinel always selecting a high vantage point in order to be able to observe things better. In the same way, whoever is appointed as a sentinel for a people should live on the heights so that he can help his people by having a broad perspective. Hugely significant for ministry today and going on to pose a number of questions such as “What are we looking at? Where do we go? To whom do we speak? What is our perspective? What demands attention? And what is it we choose to ignore? Are we just going to be a church for those gathered in; or once again a church for all the world?” And as pastor caring for God’s people and those that serve in the Church.

In this service the Church is recognising in those being ordained Bishop a gift and a calling.

He ends with the words

“Go on being you, and becoming you, finding the way of being a bishop that is your way, and let God do his stuff in you and through you”.

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