Bishop’s Easter Day Sermon 2019

21 April 2019 - Chelmsford Cathedral

Stephen Cottrell, the Bishop of Chelmsford, has preached his Easter Day sermon:

"In the passion of Christ and in his resurrection, we discover that the living God, the risen God, is the loving God; but a God who cannot suffer cannot love, and a God who cannot love is not a God at all, or a dead God, an irrelevant God, and not the God who was in Jesus. God displays this living and this loving through God’s sharing of our life, including our suffering; through God becoming vulnerable to our responses; in taking the risk that Mary wouldn’t ever recognise him; that Peter might go on denying him: and we have the same choices to make. Either God lets people suffer or God suffers as well; in and through his creation, and particularly and resolutely, through Christ.  The God who merely lets the innocent suffer stands accused in our courts: the God who through the Cross of Christ suffers everything in everyone is God’s only possible defending Council"

"And so, when we find ourselves saying, where is God when this terrible tragedy happens, when a child dies or when some atrocity takes place, we must look no further than the cross. This is where we will always find God. It is where we put him and it is where God chose to be, because it is the only way of demonstrating that in this world of sin and pain and death, God is with us, saving us, raising us up, pointing to that resurrection life that is prepared for us beyond the valley of death"

Bishop Stephen was preaching on Easter Day 2019 at Chelmsford Cathedral.

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