Sermon on the Beatitudes

Posted: 06 March 2017

Bishop Stephen has addressed Essex County Council on the Beatitudes."They describe what it means to live as a child of another kingdom," he said, "this world as it could be if we live under the rule of God and his ways of justice and peace."  

He was speaking at the Council's Civic Service.

Thanking the Council, Bishop Stephen said:

"I hope and believe that these astonishing words of Jesus can be relevant to all human well-being and prosperity, and certainly to all those who serve in public office and know all too well how hard it is to do what is right, especially in those situations where compromise and negotiation is required, where we will have to lose face in order to gain honour.

"But if you carry on crying out; if you carry on seeking to be poor in spirit; if you carry on being obedient to the vision and the higher agenda and the cause of the common good which got you into this role first place; and if you hunger and thirst for what is right; then I also believe that you will give and receive mercy, discover purity of heart, be a person of peace, and despite the apathy, ridicule, misunderstanding and opposition of others, be blessed and receive your share of the Kingdom." 

The Service was held at Chelmsford Cathedral on 5 March 2017.

Read the sermon in full. 

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